Spiritual Being, Having a Human Experience

For thousands of years Chinese Medicine has used the physical world we live in to understand the inner working of human beings. In a time before blood tests and MRI's physicians need a way to work with the body and to keep the Emperors and imperial families healthy, leading long, joy filled, abundant lives.

Through observing the mountains and streams. 

What if you could have that knowledge at your fingertips?

Embodiment. This is one of the pivotal understandings in the spiritual growth process. In a time slightly obsessed with ascension, we often miss the point that we are in these physical bodies for a reason. We're living the human experience for a reason. We get to lead a spirit led life and still enjoy being human. 

With so many distraction around us and the majority of us leading lives that are the complete opposite of our ancestors we are being called to re-attune ourselves to our natural cycles and the natural cycles of the earth.

They say knowing is half the battle. What is done with that knowledge is what pushes the needle with growth. Go beyond book learning to fully embed practices that become as second nature as brushing your teeth. 

Turn that Knowledge into  Wisdom

Creation, development, fruition, consummation, the successive movements of the four seasons.

1 Zoom Call per month 

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Weekly journal prompts / Embodiment practice 

Seasonal Energy Transmission

Seasonal Card Spread template 


Seasonal Element Education includes Organ system, color, emotion, sound etc. 


Water - Winter - Making Friends with Fear

Wood - Spring - Boundaries

Fire - Summer - Anxiety into Excitement

Earth - Late Summer - Worry into Action

Metal - Autumn - Gratitude transforming Grief 

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