Start 2020 Clear

Imagine the first day of the year gently clearing out the past to firmly land in the New Year.

A special day, devoted to YOU and YOUR growth.

Dr. Alexis Edwards, AP, DOM, will blend the wisdom of Chinese Medicine with the deeply healing frequencies of the Expansion Principle energy healing modality.

Heal the past. 

Rewrite the future. 

Live in the Now.


Want to know what to expect?

In our day together we will tap into each Season of the Year and clear out any sticky memories or experiences.

We will bring that healing forward to finally allow us to integrate the lessons of our past.

New Year's VIP Day will include:

  • Private Facebook group

  • Singing Bowl Meditation

  • Journaling exercises

  • Guided Healing for Each Season

  • Expansion PrincipleTM Transmissions to anchor the work

Blending Earthly & Cosmic Wisdom 

For thousands of years the Chinese have utilized the 5 Element model of the world around us to better understand the inner workings of human beings. Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, & Wood flow in a cycle when balanced. Each Element is associated with a Season of the year, emotion and organ system.

The Expansion Principle TM was first channeled by Dr. Alexis in 2015 with an inter-dimensional being called Simon. The Expansion Principle is a collection of elegant energies that are both gentle and profound.

Are you ready to take the steps to

create the change you desire?

You are warmly invited to join Dr. Alexis for this

exclusive online VIP day. Admission to this event is complimentary.

Dr. Alexis Edwards is an acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine by trade, a healer by inheritance, a mentor by calling and a channel of the Expansion Principle by mission.