How energy healing helps you crush your fears

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Fear of failure. It’s a pretty common topic of discussion in the personal development world that aims to explain why people don’t do the thing. They’re scared they’ll fail or mess up or get made fun of or whatever, so they stop taking action towards their goals.

What about the other side of that coin? What about fear of success? It, too, is a fairly common limiting belief that people have. But how does that fear of success differ when you’re psychic af, and you’ve seen the greatness that your future self is capable of bringing to the world? Does it differ? I don’t think so - well maybe a little. ;) I know from experience that being aware of what’s possibly coming in your future can sometimes feel scary. It creates a lot of pressure to not eff it all up.

I’ve had so many clients see their future selves during one of our sessions and then promptly blow it off. They discount it with a quickness because they can’t fathom how in the world they’re supposed to get to that point. They can’t see how that messy middle shakes out or how they get from point A to point B, so they’re incapable of trusting what it is that they see in that future version of themselves.

I get it! Sometimes it’s a lot! But what they’re not taking into consideration is that the huge change they can see in their future selves is the result of many, many transformations. Shedding of old energetic signatures, energetic restructuring, dna activation, the ancestral healing that may be causing this exact fear - SO MUCH can happen! But seeing it, seeing the life they’re possibly going to be living in 3,5, or 10 years, means that it IS one possible outcome (we always have free will, of course).

This is where energy healing comes into play. The Expansion Principle, especially, has the ability to heal all of that - the wounds and traumas of this life, past lives, and ancestral stuff that may not even be yours yet you're still carrying with you, while also activating dna and healing both the energetic and physical bodies. You can get 3 free Expansion Principle healing transmissions in my Free Resources Library.

So instead of fearing success, what is a person to do? Embrace it! Continue on your spiritual path, while asking for guidance as to what your next best step is. Keep doing the work. Keep healing, and know that you’ll get all the answers along the way.

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