Lessons From a Hedgehog

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Last weekend, I was profoundly schooled by a hedgehog. Or rather I should say that a hedge hog brilliantly illustrated a profound lesson for my family and me.

A few weeks ago, my daughter finally talked my husband and I into getting a hedgehog. She's very cute and cuddly, but she's also a bit skittish. Last Saturday night, something happened that freaked her out - the dog probably barked or something - but whatever it was, it spooked her. She jumped up and bolted underneath our bookcase. This isn't a small bookcase, either. It's very large, in fact, and this hedge hog of ours was all the way in the back corner, nestled up against the wall, conveniently out of arm's reach.

We had two choices: 1) We could take everything off the bookcase and move it or 2) We could wait for her to come out on her own. So we did what any sane and rational people would do, when faced with a hiding hedgehog, and waited. We committed ourselves, as a family, to sitting in that room and waiting for her to waddle out, so we could safely intercept her before she got herself into even more trouble.

So we waited...

Five hours later, we were still waiting.

At this point, it was nearly midnight, and we wanted to go to bed. She clearly wasn't going to come out on her own, so what did we do? We started taking everything down from the shelves, so we could move the bookcase and rescue her.

It's funny that we were so willing to sit and wait for something to happen on its own, until we were forced to take action and make it happen. In an attempt to save ourselves some time and effort, we chose to sit and wait. We left the outcome of our evening in the hands (or paws) of a hedgehog. Instead of ensuring her timely evacuation and the fate of our evening, we left it to chance.

So, not only did we lose those 5 hours of our Saturday, we still had to move the dang bookcase. A situation that should've only taken us half an hour to resolve ended up taking us closer to 6.

Thanks for the lesson, hedge hog.

Think about it. What bookcase are you doing your best not to move, in your own life? What would change, if you decided to move it?

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