New Moon in Aries Spread

This month's new moon is in Aries. The new moon is a time, not just about what you're going to manifest and what you're going to create, it's not just about the sprout - the seed - being germinated. It's also very much about what comes from the void because, before we get the sliver, before the moon starts to wax again, before it starts to increase, it has emptied itself completely.

The night before the new moon is one of the most powerful spiritual times because there's this void, this depth - within. It's the most yin time. It's this open vessel, of sorts. I like to take this time to really beware of that. Be aware of something from nothing, seemingly. The transformative nature of existence. As always, following the moon cycle, part of the point of it is to be in greater alignment with those cycles of being a human being. Being corporeal. Having an existence, of being, on this planet.

This new moon in Aries is particularly fun because it is springtime, so we have all of these new energies. There's a lot of movement. A lot of get up and go. But at the same time, we want to acknowledge the last bit of releasing we just did. Looking at that darkness, that shadow, is important, and because there's only a little bit of moon - just the beginning - it's a great time to really make some assessments. Part of being embodied is assessing and then moving forward in action.

I hope you enjoy this new spread. Let me know what you think, in the comments below!


Dr. Alexis


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