Spring Card Spread

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is officially spring!  Everything around us is starting to stir, after the stillness of winter.  It's such an exciting time of renewal and blossoming, which is why it's so important to give ourselves the space we need to adjust, so that, ultimately, we can grow.  

In Chinese medicine, winter is water energy and spring is wood energy.  This means that, just like nature, we, too, are emerging, energetically, out of a period of stillness.  Think about what trees do in the spring.  They slowly and gently begin to awaken.  First they start to bud, then they slowly begin to flower, then they reach full bloom.  It takes weeks for them to finally get to the point of really beginning to grow!  

We, humans, go through a similar process.  However, we often try to push too hard, too fast and rush the process.  But when we do that, things tend to bottleneck within us, which blocks our energy from being able to flow properly.  Yet we continue to push through it...  Then the emotions begin to pop up.  Tempers begin to flare.  Eventually, stagnation occurs.  And where there is stagnation, there is zero growth.  

We can avoid all of that, though, by simply allowing ourselves the space to adjust, just like a flower does.  In these early days of spring, be gentle with yourself, and prepare for the huge growth that's coming!

I've created this card spread as a guide to some ways that will help you gently transition into more activity and more expansion this spring.  


Dr. Alexis


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