Cherishing the Cord: A 21 Day Energetic Cord Course for Stronger, More Loving Romantic Relationships

Through this course you will: 

-Understand energetic communication
-Understand the anatomy of cords, how they function, how information is stored etc.
-You will be able to identify where in your body you have cords to specific relationships and how to work with them in a mutually beneficial way.
-Develop greater compassion for your partner
-Have tools to energetically support your relationship
-Heal past relationships
-Feel supported and gain greater clarity in your relationship 
-Have a greater understand of your energy

The details

This course includes: 

-3 weekly video modules

-3 weekly workbooks that will guide you through the content and -experiential learning process

-3 group Zoom conference calls to connect and share our experiences each week/

Week 1 The Basics : Understanding energetic communication, cord anatomy, how and why we cord.


Week 2 Discovering Your Cord: Experiential learning and discovery of how to access you cords. 

Week 3 The Magic: Learning the different ways to work with your cord, putting it all into practice

I'd love for you to join me. This work transformed my relationship, now lets do the same for you. 


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