In an effort to meet everyone where they are, I have a wide range of meditations, recorded healings, and courses available to you. 

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My premium, group offering is The Expansion Principle™ Practitioner Training and Certification Program.  It's a 4 month course where you will become attuned to and learn about this amazing energy healing modality.  Please click below to learn more! 





Having a deeper calling can sometimes ask a lot of us. Whether you feel called to be a healer or already are one and are looking to deepen your practice and add to skillset, developing inner knowing and inner spiritual relationships is of the utmost importance.  Working with someone, in a 1:1 capacity, who has already gone through these experiences is extremely beneficial.  


Each mentorship is based on where you are and on your individual needs but can include skills such as deepening your personal spiritual practice, connecting with your ancestors and guide, learning healing techniques and more.


The 1:1 mentorships are available in 6 - 12 month increments , depending on your goals and needs.

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Work with Me

Choosing someone to work with in a healing or mentoring capacity is a sacred undertaking. Not everyone is the right fit for each. When you find a person who can walk alongside your path with you, you just know. Often my clients share with me that things just clicked into place and allowed them to find me.


My work is about assisting people with their relationship with the unseen. It's my honor to illuminate your path to see things in a different way.


"I’ve seen Dr. Alexis, over the years, in different modalities.  She has helped my family and me in ways that are so hard to put into words, but I’m going to try.  On various occasions, I’ve walked in with my daughter in tears and a desperate “please help” look in my eyes!  My daughter is on the spectrum, and, at times, just the act of going through the motions of the day becomes unbearable for her.  She shuts down and speaks to no one.  We’ve had our struggles connecting with her in the past. What Alexis has been able to do with her is nothing short of amazing.  She walks in completely shutting to the world and comes out expressing her innermost sentiments.  We are able to connect with her on a different level that would not be possible without Dr. Alexis's care and interventions.  What’s even more precious is, no matter how bad things get, my daughter is self aware of her strengths and what she needs.  She’s able to articulate what helps and how to self soothe. And for that, I’m forever grateful."

- A grateful mom

"Working with Alexis has changed my life. When I first met her in 2013 I was an anxious stress ball running from place to place. I had difficulty even functioning day to day. Fast forward, I'm now much more aware of my body, mind and who am I and how I want to live my life.  I no longer suffer from anxiety, and I'm able to have deep and sincere connections with people in a way I was unable to before.


"Thank you so much, Alexis.  It was awesome.  Can you believe I feel a lot better and lighter just for talking to you?... Lol of course you can... Just acknowledging that this energy can't be all mine and has taken a lot of weight from my shoulders. Thank you so much."


- Sonia Anjos

I have been coming to see Dr. Alexis for about a month. I had a lot of anxiety, with daily panic attacks and heart palpitations. I tried everything from acupuncture to supplements, and nothing worked.  Dr. Alexis's flower essences and The Expansion Principle™ stopped my anxiety within the first week, and it has never come back.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.

- Bill Gertis, Fort Pierce, Fl


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