My Story

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to help people. It was important to me. In the 5th grade we had a speaker come to our class from South America that gave a talk on traditional medicine in the Amazon. I was enthralled, I asked so many questions. I remember coming home from school and announcing that I was going to being a medicine woman. Not exactly your typical “what I want to be when I grow up”.

As long as I can remember I had an awareness that I had some kind of "heat" coming from my hands, that my dreams didn't sound like everyone else, they would routinely come true. I was fortunate to grow up in  household with two highly intuitive parents, one a spiritual worker and the other a nurse who was a natural healer and had deep interests in astrology and natural health.

I began to really explore my own spiritual path about 15 years ago. I knew I had been intuitive my whole life and had memories of prophetic dreams and feelings of being guided. 


My path guided me to attend Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine School. That was a period of time in my life when I really started to light up. I became a birth doula (labor support person), took group and 1:1 intuitive and spiritual development courses. Several years ago I began training one on one, as a spiritual worker under Mary Mueller Shutan. Since then I have melded everything I have learned and experienced in my teaching and healing style. The melding eventual was born into The Expansion Principle healing modality which combines practical skills that are necessary for any competent healer with multidimensional healing/ energy transmissions.


I feel that learning and become a skilled healer was in large amount due to working with external teachers and mentors first followed by developing strong spiritual relationships with my "spirit team". 


At this point, my career and my personal life are completely entwined. It is my greatest joy to be able to be both a mother, wife, friend as well as a healer, mentor, creator, author and speaker. 



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