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Energy healing, acupuncture

"The truest version of you. That's what we're all looking for. It's what's possible as we peel the layers of trauma, conditioning, pain and fear." 

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The Expansion Principle: Healing for the New Earth Written by Dr. Alexis Edwards is being released mid June.

Dr. Alexis' 2nd book on being human is in the writing process.

If you'd like to receive updates on when and where to purchase the books. As well as how to be a part of spreading the word we invite you to sign up and stay in the know.


Dr. Alexis is tentatively begin to book speaking engagements for late fall.

To inquire reach out to us below.


We currently have a variety of programs available to assist you on your adventure of life, both for personal growth and expansion as a healer and or medical/ healthcare practitioner.

The programs Dr. Alexis offers are all based on The Expansion Principle Energy technology/ modality.

The three main offers available are Optimize, a self paced exploration of intuitive abilities and includes guidance on discernment, understanding the Clair senses, protection etc. This also includes the process of building your own inner workshop, and invaluable took that will stay with you over your lifetime.

Illuminated Warrior is a 12 month self mastery group program. This includes group calls with Dr. Alexis , and is currently the only way to receive healing transmission directly from her. Enrolls quarterly.

The Expansion Principle Practitioner Training Program is a 5 month long experience during which you will be attuned to the Expansion Principle. 

Details on all programs click below

Speaking Engagments

"Energy is all around us.  

Understanding it helps us heal, grow, and expand."

In this experience of being a spiritual being in a human body, healing, connection, and service are the cornerstones.


Healing is the journey to becoming whole or remembering that we are whole as it were.


It is my honor to be at a point in my journey that I am able to offer several ways to assist you in this remembering.


I currently am seeing patients, in person, at my clinic in Vero Beach, Florida.  I also have the pleasure of offering services and courses, remotely, through the wonders of technology.


Over the course of the past 15 years, I have cultivated a variety of skills and expanded by spiritual gifts to offer a unique blend of Eastern and Western Medicine, Traditional Spiritual Work with Scientific and Energetic Understanding.  


I believe there are many ways towards wholeness and towards remembering that we are part of the divine. I would love to help guide you through your journey.



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