Shedding the old skin to make space for expansion into the fullest expression of your truest self

Sometimes what we need the most to thrive is the opposite of what we are allowing in our lives. When this is true, the paradigm shift feels HUGE, almost immovable. When we find ourselves not living to our fullest potential or to our fullest desire, what we need in order to make the course correction is space and stillness. 

This allows us to wriggle out of the old skin and breathe for a moment...formless...with all our strength, potency, and brilliance completely unveiled. Utterly vulnerable. Feeling like goo rather than what we really are.

We have become so accustomed to being restrained - to being a bridled horse - that we don’t know what to do without form - without the bridle. With space and stillness, we can contemplate; we can allow in the wisdom of not only what the next step is but also what our new form will be. 

When we allow our new skin to grow in a way that is a full expression of who we are, rather than merely a layer of protection...

That’s where I am now.

I'm beginning to allow my full brilliance. I'm acknowledging who I am and what I’m in form to do on this planet. I’m a lot of things, like many of us are.

One of the things I have felt since I was a child, but have pushed down as far as possible is that 

I’m a visionary. I used to feel embarrassed about wanting to change/save the world, but I’m not anymore. Being a visionary is truly one of my greatest gifts.

I can see your potential - your fullest capacity.

I can see the potential and capacity of this world.

I may be a dreamer...but I’m not the only one.

I'm joining forces with other visionaries and change makers - igniting and initiating them to what their charge is on this planet.

I’m an incredible mentor. I allow you to more fully see and believe in yourself. Working with me is absolutely a life changing experience. You will grow and expand in ways that you may not even be able to fathom at this point. 

Your capacity to hold space for others will EXPAND. Your knowledge of the esoteric and metaphysical will EXPAND. Your skill level will EXPAND.

Whether you are a coach (of any kind), a Healer, a mentor, or a person desiring deeper personal development, working with me will propel you forward. 

I don’t often open my 1:1 mentoring container, especially at this price point. 6- and 12-month experiences available. Only 3 spots. These WILL go quickly.

If you feel the stirrings, you already know this opportunity is for you.

Reach out today and let’s chat and begin your journey of EXPANSION.

I see you, I love you. 


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